Benefits of Working with a Connecticut Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is traditionally the largest purchase a Connecticuter will make in their lifetime. A buyer maintains laser-focus seeking a property of great value which fits their lifestyle. On the other hand, a seller’s bullseye is their sale price and how much they stand to profit. In the middle of these two opposite forces is a pair of real estate agents motivated to achieve their client’s goals. If you’re a buyer or a seller, there are benefits to working with one of Connecticut’s top real estate agents.


  1. NO COST TO YOU. That’s right, if you’re on the buying (or renting) end of a real estate transaction, you pay no commissions to your agent. The property seller or property manager pays the real estate agent(s) commissions for closing the sale. Talk about value!

  3. MAXIMUM VALUE. When purchasing a home, there are many considerations in addition to the 4 walls and its sticker price. A top real estate agent can help you identify the pros and cons of a property which you, as the buyer, may have never considered.
    • House condition such as: How old is the roof? Are the windows up to current energy efficiency standards? Were additions to the home properly permitted? Is the property in a flood zone? All these things might not affect the sticker price, but they will directly impact your wallet during ownership.
    • In addition to assessing value within the house, a real estate agent helps determine if the house is priced fairly for its town or neighborhood. If it is priced too high or too low, a top real estate agent can help uncover why. Overpaying creates mortgage concerns for you and your lender while paying below market value could signal deeper issues – like unpaid property taxes or unmaintained appliances.
    • Uncovering all these details about a property may sound like a dream job for any true crime fan, but all that investigation helps real estate agents excel in negotiations. Their experience paired with the ability to research will help drive negotiates in your favor. Your agent understands current market valuations, the pros and cons of your potential new property, and can pinpoint a final price that more accurately reflects the home’s current condition rather than the seller’s wishes.


  4. ACCESS TO LISTINGS. Zillow and have provided accessibility to hundreds of thousands of real estate listings all in the palm of your hand. It’s as easy as applying proper filters and, bam, you’ve seen all for-sale properties that fit your criteria, right? Wrong. Thankfully, real estate agents have access to a deeper network of listings to support you. These additional listings can be derived from a sprawling network of resources such as other agents, clients hoping to sell, privatized listings, for sale by owners, even real estate photographers, and so much more. This network of connections allows Connecticut’s top agents to provide housing options you couldn’t uncover alone.

  6. EXPERTS IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. Even real estate agents know that closing on a home is not a job for one person. Your agent can help align you with other knowledgeable, experienced professionals who can establish expectations about time and finances required to close. This commodore helps eliminate any surprises leading up to your big day. Lean on your Connecticut real estate agent to help build relationships with a premier mortgage lender, a knowledgeable home insurance agent, and a trusted real estate lawyer. All these folks emphasize expert service because a real estate transaction doesn’t end at closing, it extends through the life of your mortgage.



  1. REMOVE EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT. Selling a house is an emotional journey. You’ve grown there, maybe it was your first home, maybe you raised a family, or even the unfortunate event of inheriting property. There is a nostalgic bond here that can be painful to break. And as homeowners, we all learn to live with the unique aspects of our homes like such as the one ceiling light that won’t switch on again or the overgrown hedges in the side yard. It’s okay, that’s what makes your home special. Hiring a top real estate agent brings fresh perspective to your property’s uniqueness and how it can be sold in a way that fulfills both your price and your timeline. Yes, this typically means recommending minor electrical fixes or a little landscaping, but it’s calculated advice built on the premise that money spent will be money earned.

  3. NEGOTIATING TOP DOLLAR. Knowing the current market helps real estate agents price your home effectively to drive buyer interest. Is the market cold? Maybe you want to overprice the property to provide perceived negotiation value to a savvy buyer. Is the market hot? Maybe the best move is to list at appraised value and allow a bidding war. These are tricks experienced agents know how to execute. As offers flood in, your agent will continue negotiating on your behalf, defending the value of your home and its condition against buyer contingencies and repair requests. Agents debate these conditions daily, for both buyers and sellers, so they have experience retaining property value.

  5. SAVE TIME. Selling a home is time consuming. Pre-market renovations, packing, moving, and shopping for your future residence are only things you can manage. A top real estate agent can help you fill in the blanks. Scheduling maintenance and repair technicians, hosting showings, hosting open houses, qualifying potential buyers, negotiating offers, writing and reading contracts, and more are all part of a real estate agent’s responsibilities when selling your home. Lean on their experience to help manage your time and the sales process.

  7. THEY’RE MOTIVATED. Real estate agents work hard because they earn commission. Their commission is only paid when a sale is closed. For most agents, the idea of working hard and being paid their worth for a job well done is a benefit of selling real estate. It’s common to believe you save money by selling your own property, but traditionally that’s not the case. Between recommended home repairs and skilled negotiations alone, Connecticut’s top real estate agents are experts in making you money. Factor in time saved and you’re looking at a sales process that was more profitable and more efficient from beginning to end compared to a ‘for sale by owner’ experience.
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